The Spectra Unearthed

Nomelands, Spring of 226

Keita thought that being a princess was nothing but trouble even before the power-hungry Stygians took over the Spectra kingdoms. Now she’s on the run, hunted at every turn, and able to trust only a few other royal exiles. Of course she’d like to make her life safe again, but standing up to the Stygians means confronting Jasper Smelt. A former friend, Jasper insists he wants nothing more to keep her safe, but his pitch-black dungeon and fiery threats suggest otherwise.

With help from her friends, Keita escapes, but there is no safe place for former princesses. Banding together despite their different cultures, the girls head into Jasper’s desert kingdom. They soon find themselves in the middle of a conflict between the Stygians and a small rebel group. Hanging in the balance is a colony of children abandoned for having abilities different than their families. Keita wants to help, and she hates feeling helpless. But how can she face Jasper, someone with abilities she couldn’t begin to fight, someone constantly seeking her out, someone who fears everything…except her?

eBook and paperback, 340 pages
ISBN:  978-1-63490-724-8

Release date: September 2015

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The book was beautifully written, with ingenious ideas such as the 'Siblink,' where born siblings can communicate telepathically within a certain range of distance. The Spectra Unearthed is a thrilling tale of friendship and how other's lust for power can bring about misery, as well as being able to draw the downtrodden closer together.
A fantastic read and well worth your time.
--Dacarri, blogger
if you like the fantasy, R. R. Tolkien stuff, you really should give these books a try. They're unique and fun to become a part of! Someone of any age will find themselves rooting for Sienna and the princesses!
--Kailei  at CommonBookSense
Fantasy readers will be delighted by the creative construction of the Spectra kingdoms. Aside from the well-developed characters and action-packed story, Christie Powell's ability to write in such a compelling way is refreshing. I can't say enough about her crisp, elegant writing style. I was also struck by the characters' ability to discover things about themselves and their surroundings during their adventure, and Ms. Powell was able to convey these ideas in a thought-provoking way. As Keita goes through a period of self-reflection, she quotes my favorite line in the book. "You don’t need to change the world; you change yourself, and the rest works out."
--Jack, reviewer

Some of the writing here is just beautiful. Ms Christie knows her craft. Two examples I couldn’t help but note - “Her memories were dancing in those flames,” and “The jangling metal spoke in her friends’ voices.” Poignant, perfect prose at just the right time.

So. A well-told tale in a well-made world populated by characters you can identify with, with a satisfying ending that still leaves you wanting more. What’s not to love?

--James Devo, author of Blood Red

As an avid fantasy reader, it is refreshing to see an author step outside of the realm of pseudo-Tolkienism and create a word that is entirely unique. I love that the magic system is clearly defined with its strengths and limitations.

The main character, Keita Sage, is relatable without being flat or stereotypical, the world is detailed enough that the reader gets a good sense of place without being buried in descriptions, and the plot is full of twists that leave the reader guessing and wanting more.

--M.P., reader

Throughout the book, the princesses who are the main characters of the story are captured, escape, flee from danger, charge headlong into danger, all while doing some self reflection and discovery on the side. There is compassion, empathy, sadness and joy. Enemies and friendships. All these things I love in a good story, and as I said, it was a good story.

--Shanlynn Walter, author of Dragons of Daegonlot

I read a lot of fantasy books, and it seems that there are a lot that follow the same general plot or character types. This one is not that. I've actually never read a book with such a unique world. At first I was concerned that it would become confusing since the story hops right in with some action and the main plot. This wasn't the case, I quickly found myself intrigued and I couldn't put it down. Literally. Read it all in a single afternoon. I would definitely recommend this.

--K.C., reader

Keita is an awesome character, one with spunk and attitude but just enough determination to steal your heart. Its not hard to fall for Keita, I started rooting for her right from the start. She’s a strong female with a great set of morals and an ideal leadership attitude. I think she makes a great model for how female leads should really be portrayed.

--Valicity Garris