Keita Sage

Clan: Sprite

Abilities: change to several animal forms; her spattered education gave a hodge-podge of half-learned Sprite skills.

Birth year: 210 (age 65 seasons/16 years as 'Keita's Wings' opens)

Family: Oldest child of Drake Sage, the former Sprite king, and his Lectran wife Amber Tesla Sage. Younger siblings are Glen (16) and Savanna, called Avie (14). Betrothed to Brian Pensier, the Muse prince.

Keita wanted to live like her aunts, related to royalty but finding their own place in the Sprite kingdom. That was before her betrothal to a prince from another clan, before she’d made friends with the other kingdoms’ princesses, before the Stygians took over her home and forced her into exile. Now she’s just trying to survive, and maybe save a few other lives along the way.


Clan: Nome

Abilities: especially talented at directions; little formal training

Birth year: 212 (age 14 years as "Keita's Wings" opens)

Family: Sienna was raised by her older brother Sandy (18).

 Small for her age with stringy auburn hair, Sienna is as tough as the desert she grew up in. Raised by her older brother and often left alone, she has little experience with other people and didn't know anything about the Spectra world.

 Azura Neried (Zuri)

Clan: Mer

Abilities: her main talent is pulling water from the earth

Birth year: 209 (age 17 years as 'Keita's Wings' opens)

Family: Second daughter of the Merlandia king and queen, Hafford and Meredith. Her older sister Morgana is married to Tide Pensier. Her father, three younger brothers, and baby sister were killed by Stygians two years before the Stygians emerged from hiding. Betrothed to Glen Sage, Sprite prince.

The Nerieds were a very close family, and Zuri received the best education right along with her brothers. Even with half her family gone, she retains the confidence of someone who knows they are loved and accepted for who they are.


Scarlett Kelvin (Carli)

Clan: Cole

Abilities: controlling winds; some fire manipulation

Birth year: 211 (age 15 years as 'Keita's Wings' opens)

Family: Youngest child of the Cole king and queen, Aidan and Berta. Older siblings are Ash (20) and Blaise (18), who married Rosalin “Roz” Kamsin. Betrothed to Griffin Pensier, a Cole born to the Muse royal family.

Carli bears a scar on her wrist, where she tried to remove the bracelet that marks her as betrothed. She is prepared to do things her own way, or else.

Brian Pensier

Clan: Muse

Abilities: manipulating emotion

Birth year: 209 (age 17 years as 'Keita's Wings' opens)

Family: Third of five brothers, sons of the Muse king Hugo Pensier. His mother died in a suspicious accident three years before 'Keita's Wings' opens. 

Brian was the Muse heir before the Stygian Donovan took his father's throne. He struggles to know when to use his abilities and when he shouldn't.

Griffin Pensier

Clan: Cole

Abilities: manipulating fire

Birth year: 208 (age 18 years as 'Keita's Wings' opens)

Family:  Second of five brothers, sons of the Muse king and queen Hugo and Aria Pensier. 

Griffin always knows where he stands and he's proud of it. He might tease but you always know when he's on your side.