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Kindle Vella Stories

Kindle Vella is amazon's new serial platform.  I've been publishing (and reading!) on it since October 2021, and it's a fun way to experience stories a little at a time, depending on what fits into your time and budget. This FAQ about kindle vella will explain how to use it.

Several of my stories are on kindle vella:

The Spectra Crown Tales

For two centuries, Spectra hid their elemental abilities from humans, but the world is changing. Each season follows one of the Spectra royalty in a fairytale retelling.

YA fantasy with romance subplots

More information on the series, including season breakdown

Find on kindle vella (weekly episodes, average 18 tokens each)

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The Captain's Dowry

Sal lives a double life—half at sea as her father's cabin boy, and half at a fine finishing school. Both worlds turn upside down when her father sells his ship and her hand in marriage. If her new husband thinks she'll stay quietly at home while he sails off into the sunset, he can think again. She won't stop until she finds a way to be herself—both of them. 

Set twenty years after The Spectra Crown Tales (but stands alone).

Sweet fantasy romance

More information on the story.

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The Tournament of Princes

Impersonate a prince. Win a crown. Stop an Empire. 

If Collis can enter the emperor’s tournament to become his heir, he could create his own legend and stop the war for good. But the legends he loves never mentioned dust or blood, and the heroes had useful companions, not a child without fire abilities, an escaped slave, or his mother. Yet Collis will need them to cross the desert, survive the tournament, and beyond. 

Epic YA fantasy

Find on kindle vella (3 episodes per week, 6-10 tokens each)

Takes place several centuries before The Spectra Crown Tales

Spectra Quest: Choose Your Clan

This interactive story is part choose-your-ending, part personality-quiz. In ten non-consecutive episodes, the story will tell you which Spectra abilities you'd gain. It's in the same style as my free book, Choose Your Spectra Clan, but redone for the kindle vella format. The plot ties into the first Spectra Crowns Tale, The Seventh Clan. 

Find on kindle vella (6 tokens per episode)

Stone and Feathers

Joren has a date with the most beautiful girl from his classes, but Gail has a secret-- something to do with the Hunter's Castle restaurant, where lifelike statues line the walk and caged birds listen to every guest. 

 Stone and Feathers is an urban fantasy retelling of the Grimm tale "Jorinda and Joringel". It's short: 11 episodes at the minimum 6 tokens each.

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