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Kindle Vella Stories

Kindle Vella is amazon's new serial platform.  I've been publishing (and reading!) on it since October 2021, and it's a fun way to experience stories a little at a time, depending on what fits into your time and budget. I wrote this FAQ about kindle vella.

Several of my stories are on kindle vella:

The Spectra Crown Tales

Spectra have hidden their abilities from humans for centuries, but change is coming. The Spectra Crown Tales are YA fantasy books inspired by fairy tales. 

The books of the Spectra Crown Tales Series come out in vella first, before getting their own full book. 

More information on the series

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Spectra Quest: Choose Your Clan

This interactive story is part choose-your-ending, part personality-quiz. It's in the same style as my free book, Choose Your Spectra Clan, but redone for the kindle vella format. The plot ties into the first Spectra Crowns Tale, The Seventh Clan. This story is exclusive to kindle vella for the foreseeable future.

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