Cole Kingdom

Clan: Cole

Abilities: Power over heat. 

Opposite: Sprites (Coles are dominant)

Crossovers: No

Capital: Kelvin Canyon


Clan: Nome

Abilities: Power over stone. 

Opposite: Mers (Mers are dominant)

Crossovers: Coles and Lectrans

Capital: Arens


Clan: Lectran

Abilities: Power over innovation. 

Opposite: Muses (Lectrans are dominant)

Crossovers: No

Capital: Telosa


Clan: Sprite

Abilities: Power over life. 

Opposite: Coles (Coles are dominant)

Crossovers: Lectrans and Mers

Capital: The Inner Vale


Clan: Mer

Abilities: Power over water. 

Opposite: Nomes (Mers are dominant)

Crossovers: No

Capital: Jaladi


Clan: Muse

Abilities: Power over communication. 

Opposite: Lectrans (Lectrans are dominant)

Crossovers: Mers and Coles

Capital: Castalia City


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