Mira's Griffin

"For as long as my people remember, griffins steal away those who stray into their mountains. Since your people have come, the griffins have gone farther, into our villages. We cannot allow it to continue." 

Fifteen-year-old Mira was one of the first to hear the native‚Äôs warning, but she would rather climb mountains than hide in the confining village. Her gift of translating for her tongue-tied sister only ties her down. Then she discovers Freko, a young griffin who saves her from falling. 

Mira believes that griffins are unaware humans are more than beasts, but tension is growing. Humans are fighting back, and fatalities on both sides seem inevitable. Mira and her griffin must find a way for the two sides to communicate before they destroy each other.

This story takes place 600 years before Keita's Wings and is about their ancestors and the origin of four clans (Muse, Cole, Nome, and Lectran).

eBook and paperback, 315 pages
ISBN:  978-1794692329

Release date: February 2019