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The Spectra Books all take place in the same fantasy world. The magic system and geography remain the same, but cultures and how the magic system is perceived can change based on time and location. The books/series are all interconnected but not interdependent, so if you see one that particularly interests you, start there. 


Check out the summaries on this page, or you can read this free sampler with a chapter from each book or series. You can also compare the stories, or look for those specifically on kindle vella.  


For two centuries, Spectra hid their elemental abilities from humans, but the world is changing. Human messenger Perrin needs life-mage Allee to save his revolution, while she'll be trapped as a beast without him. Their mission to bring two people together opens the door to a complicated new world where human and Spectra live side by side. Each season follows one of the Spectra royalty in a fairytale retelling set in a changing world loosely based on early America. Meet:

A human soldier and a Spectra healer.

A princess with a forbidden power and a man lost in dreams.

Twelve princesses with a deadly secret.

The books can stand alone or be read together.

Now on Kindle Vella and amazon.

Sal lives a double life--half at sea as her father's cabin boy, and half at a fine finishing school. Both worlds turn upside down when her father sells his ship and her hand in marriage. If her new husband thinks she'll stay quietly at home while he sails off into the sunset, he can think again. She won't stop until she finds a way to be herself--both of them. 

This sweet fantasy romance is inspired by Shakespeare's As You Like It and takes place twenty years after the Spectra Crown Tales.

On kindle vella and amazon.

Mira would rather climb mountains alone than hide in the confining village, despite warnings of griffins. She met a griffin, and he didn't harm her—in fact, he saved her life. But his friendship isn’t enough to protect her or her village.

Griffins unlock abilities in their human captives. Mira’s new ability to translate seems useless compared to her friends’ fire, water, and healing—until she discovers that she and her griffin friend can communicate. Their bond threatens griffin culture and human rebels alike. Caught in between, Mira and her griffin must teach their species to communicate before both sides are destroyed.

On amazon and in audio.

Keita thought that being a princess was nothing but trouble even before the power-hungry Stygians took over the Spectra kingdoms. Now she’s on the run, hunted at every turn, and able to trust only a few other royal exiles. Her Sprite abilities, including the power to change to animal form, are not enough to defeat the Stygians, whose oaths have given them the abilities of all six clans. Only joining forces with the other exiles can give her the strength to change her dangerous life. Christie Valentine Powell's The Spectra books follow Keita and her friends across the clans in this young adult fantasy novel you don't want to miss.

Available on amazon.

Keita's Wings 1, The Spectra Unearthed, is on most other bookselling sites.

The world hates dream-roving abilities. To survive, three exiles need a family.

Indra has lived in dreams since her mother’s death. Joining other dreamrovers would tether her to reality, but she’d gain the family she always wanted—if they survive.

Walker escaped court life after his family was executed for dreamroving. Helping other rovers build a new home might make up for his past mistakes.

Fifteen-year-old Norma must decide between her dreams and her family. 

As persecution grows, all three struggle to defend their new family. Hatred runs deep, and escape is no longer an option—not even through dreams.

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