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The captain has no idea that his new bride is also his cabin boy...

Sal lives a double life—half at sea as her father's cabin boy and half at a fine finishing school—until her father sells his ship and her hand in marriage. Her new husband intends to free them all from their debtor, his manipulative older brother, but if he thinks he can solve his problems alone, he can think again. Sal won't stop until she finds a way to be herself—both of them.

Enjoy this sweet fantasy romance inspired by Shakespeare's As You Like It (with hints of King Lear).

For repeat readers of The Spectra Books, this story takes place about 20 years after The Seventh Clan (The Spectra Crown Tales #1). The main characters are human, while Spectra play a small part of the story. You'll get to meet Alstin, son of Perrin and Allee Andres. You'll see a few other cameos throughout the story (Sal's father and ship make an appearance at the end of The Seventh Clan).

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