YA fantasy fiction, clean books for teens, shape-shifting, magic kingdoms, elemental abilities, indie publication, princesses, fairy tales, nanowrimo winner, desert setting
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Coloring Pages:

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Keita's animal forms

A griffin

Find bonus stories, book recommendations, behind the scenes, sneak peeks, writing advice, and more on the Spectra Books blog.

Choose Your Spectra Clan puts the reader into the opening scenes of The Spectra Unearthed, and your choices determine which of the 6 Spectra Clans you belong in. Read it free here, or find it on amazon.


Short Stories:

The Stone Hand

A girl confronts the parents who abandoned her and caused the loss of her left arm.

The Gold Shell

How human Isobel Melanie Johnson became the ruler of the Mer kingdom.


A human teenager listens to his grandfather's campfire stories that may be more true than he knows.