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The Spectra Crown Tales

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Spectra can pass as human, but they've hidden their elemental abilities for centuries. 


Until now.

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Each of the Spectra Crown Tales follows one of the Spectra royalty in a fairytale retelling. These siblings, cousins, rivals and enemies each seek their own happy ending in an ever-changing world. Choose your favorite tale or begin with The Seventh Clan for the full experience.

Find a list of characters hereBooks are published two per year, first on kindle vella and then as a full book.

A soldier in a revolution.

A healer from a secret race.


The empire tore apart Perrin's family and destroyed his future. All he has left is the desire to fight back. Then he meets Allee Pensier. Her people, the Spectra, are long believed extinct, but the empire will enslave anyone with Spectra abilities. When Perrin saves Allee's humanity, he forges a connection between them. Perrin and Allee must unite their people to have any hope of victory.

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

A princess with a forbidden power.

A man asleep for a hundred years.

Princess Lilac can't let her family find out that she's a dreamrover. Her father and her kingdom forbid the ability, but it's the only way to meet Vireo, her best friend from the dreamscape. When northern cities are attacked, her father is certain that dreamrovers are behind it. Lilac must find the truth before her family discovers her secret. Vireo has answers, if she can find him in the waking world. If only she knew how long he's been asleep... or of the enemy determined to keep him there. 

   Inspired by Sleeping Beauty 

A soldier who hates to fight.

Twelve cousins with a secret.



The royal scepter was stolen on the eve of Princess Innis's coronation, and Alvis Welson is certain that the twelve princesses were involved. He's a young man trained as a soldier, but he'd do almost anything to find a non-violent way to support his family. His fox form gives him near invisibility, but the kings and queens would rather blame him than their daughters. With human and Spectra populations nearing war, Alvis will have to find the answers before he loses his head... or his heart.

   Inspired by The Twelve Dancing Princesses 

4 The Sunken oath.png

A prince without a voice

A pirate without a ship

Dylan never wanted to be king, but he’ll have to accept his title to get his voice back—unless he finds the human market that his mother, the queen, insists on shutting down. The rest of the royal family hate humans, who don’t have water abilities like the Mer, but he’s fascinated, especially by an ocean-eyed pirate girl. When the humans start fighting back, how much will Dylan sacrifice to end the conflict?

   Inspired by The Little Mermaid

5 The seven sages.png

A noble exiled for doing the right thing.

A daughter excluded for her parentage.


Simon’s life was destroyed when he betrayed his family to save the Spectra, people he doesn’t even like. His only ally is a prince who whisks him away into a rugged world of wild mountains and wilder people. Navigating a new culture becomes even more difficult when he meets Helena, whose place in the Spectra world is almost as shaky is his. When his family and Spectra rebels unite, Simon will need not only Helena, but all of her energetic siblings to carve out a space where all of them can live free.  

Inspired by The Seven Simons

Coming as a full book July 2024

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6 The Cousin Curse.PNG

A princess born without a voice.

A giant of a human.

Inspired by The Six Swans and Paul Bunyan

Cousin Curs
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