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Spectra Royalty

These charts show the royal families of the six Spectra clans, the main characters of two Spectra series. 

For the Keita's Wings royalty, spoilers for that series have been removed.

Since the Spectra Crown Tales are about descendants of the Keita's Wings characters, there are minor spoilers for Keita's Wings in that section. 

The numbers next to each character refers to which Spectra Crown Tales books they appear in. 

Numbers in red mean that this character was a main point of view character, or secondary point of view character/love interest in that book.


Ruler: Queen Rosalin Kelvin (1)


Her sister Anila Kelvin (1)

Queen Rosalin's son Bryce and his wife Carmen

Their children: Rudy, and several younger


Ruler: King Tanner Smelt (1)

Consort: Queen Opal


Their children:

Mason (adopted), Marjie (1), Coralie, and Clifton Smelt

The king's sister Tawny and her husband Halvard Shale (1)

Their children: Tesora, Sorrel and Micah



 Ruler: Queen Solana Tesla (1)


Her adopted sister Savanna (3) and 

her husband Arden (1)

Their daughter, Marigold (1,3)


 Ruler: King Glen Sage (1)

Consort: Queen Azura (3, 4)


Their children: Helena (adopted, 5), Robin (1,4,5,6), Kelda (3, 4, 5,6), Larina (3, 4, 5), Wade (5,6), and Bracken (5,6)


Ruler: Queen Marsha Neried (1, 3, 4)

Consort: King Tide Pensier (3, 4)


Their children: Innis (1,3, 4), Dylan (45), and Irvette (3, 4) 


 Ruler: King Brian Pensier (1, 2)

Consort: Queen Keita (2)


Their children: Terra (2. 3), Lilac (1, 2, 3), Viola (2, 3, 6), Aura Brynn (2, 3), Beck (2, 6), and Olive (2, 3) 

The king's brother Teague (2) and 

his wife Sienna (2)

Their children: Sutter (2, 6), Auralee (1, 2, 3), and Minnea (2, 3) Pensier


Vespucians (humans):

Leader: Chief Governor Niles Andres (1)

Wife: Mariana (1)


Anton, Roland, Adela, Perrin (1, 2, 6), Elvira, Gracie (1)

"Adopted" son Gio (1)

Anton's wife Berna (1) and son Callisto


(spoliers removed)


Original Rulers: King Aidan and Queen Berta Kelvin

Stygian Usurper: a Stygian Queen

Heirs: Scarlett Kelvin "Carli"


Original Rulers: King Grant and Queen Petra Smelt

Stygian Usurper: Jasper Smelt

Heirs: Jasper Smelt and his cousins, Tanner and Tawny Smelt


Original Rulers: King Quentin and Queen Taima Tesla

Stygian Usurper: Tawny Smelt, regent

Heirs: Wyatt Tesla and others


Original Rulers: King Drake and Queen Amber Sage

Stygian Usurper: Felix Sage

Heirs: Keita, Glen, and Savanna Sage


Original Rulers: King Hafford and Queen Meredith Neried

Stygian Usurper: Isobel Jonson

Heirs: Marsha and Azura Neried


Original Rulers: King Hugo and Queen Aura Pensier

Stygian Usurper: Donovan

Heirs: Tide, Griffin, Brian, Teague, and Reid Pensier

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