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Mira's Griffin

Mira would rather climb mountains alone than hide in the confining village, despite warnings of griffins. She met a griffin, and he didn't harm her—in fact, he saved her life. But his friendship isn’t enough to protect her or her village.

Griffins unlock abilities in their human captives. Mira’s new ability to translate seems useless compared to her friends’ fire, water, and healing—until she discovers that she and her griffin friend can communicate. Their bond threatens griffin culture and human rebels alike. Caught in between, Mira and her griffin must teach their species to communicate before both sides are destroyed.

This story takes place 600 years before the Keita's Wings series (see timeline).

eBook and paperback, 315 pages

ISBN: 978-1794692329

Release date: February 2019


This story has magic, and creative magic too! This story also has political worldbuilding, but of a kind you very rarely see. You see, in Mira’s Griffin, the worldbuilding focuses on the society of the griffins, not that of humans, which is a very fresh approach to fantasy worldbuilding.

Overall, Mira’s Griffin tells a narrative with themes both universal and unique. It emphasizes the problems with human nature to out-group and reject the “other,” while transposing those similar fears onto an entirely different species, too. Powell thus successfully develops a powerful conflict that both illustrates “humanity vs. nature,” and “humanity vs. humanity,” and “nature vs. nature,” all while using the same characters.

--CD Tavenor, book blogger

I definitely enjoyed reading Mira’s Griffin and I’d be surprised if someone told me they didn’t. Exploring this Viking-like culture mixed with the mythology of the griffins and featuring a bit of romance! The story really came together in a way that I found entertaining and truly unable to criticize.

--Valicity Garris

A very unique story with many allegories to our world today. The author built a credible world of fantastic creatures interacting with humans.

...I would recommend Mira’s Griffin to readers of all ages that love fantasy & otherworldly stories.

--Gina Mitchell

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