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Dreaming can be dangerous...

Indra has lived in dreams since her mother’s death. It’s a lonely life, but it keeps her safe and connected to her mother’s memory. Joining other people would tether her to reality, but she’d gain the family she always wanted—if they survive long enough.

Fifteen-year-old Norma lost everything when her village discovered her family’s abilities. When her sister insists that dreamrovers are wrong, Norma must decide between her dreams and her family.

Walker escaped court life two years ago, when the rest of his family was executed for dreamroving. Helping other rovers build a new home might make up for his mistakes, especially his actions that ignited the dreamrover prejudice.

As persecution grows fiercer, all three struggle to defend their new family. Hatred runs deep, and escape is no longer an option—not even through dreams.

Published April 2, 2021

ISBN: 979-8579322432

Mobs of dreamrover haters took everything from Norma’s family, except for her farm animals. They’re the only thing, besides her journaling, that make her stand out in her large family. Her animals are her hope for a future, but without them, her starving family may have no present. How much will she have to sacrifice?

Surviving in the wilderness comes second nature to Walker, but being part of a family, not to mention keeping them all alive, is a skill he’s never practiced. The others need his skills, but his infamy on both sides could put them all in danger.

Indra’s dreamroving abilities are of little use on the trail. The most she can do is assist the healer she’s coming to love. But when their food runs out, she’s the only one who can go for help—if she can face the foster family she abandoned a decade ago. Would adding more rovers to their tiny refugee camp help, or make things worse?

With the mobs behind them, the family faces a greater threat: day to day reality, and the conflict building between themselves.

Published: June 4, 2021

Walker and the other dreamrovers have found a new home, but they left the woman he loves behind. Gathering her and other dreamrovers to their new safe haven will help protect all of them, but the government doesn't want a colony of potential rebels.

Indra has been terrified of crowds since her mother was executed by a mob, but she'll have to face them. In addition to gathering other dreamrovers, she has her wedding to think about. Facing her fears might help her confront the secrets of her family, as she finally learns where she came from and if she and Walker are related.

Norma's griffin-speaking has saved her family before. Her farm and other chores take time, but she needs to keep up communications with the griffins. Someone is spreading lies among them. If the griffins turn against dreamrovers, the mountains that shield them from the rest of the kingdom will become a trap.

The rovers must fight to keep their safe haven.

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