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Works in progress:

The Spectra Crowns Tales

This open series is inspired by fairytales during a time when humans and Spectra must learn to coexist.

Currently in progress:

#4 The Sunken Oath was just published in paperback and ebook! 

#5 The Seven Sages is currently releasing on kindle vella, with paperback and ebook scheduled for August 2024.

The Centaur Chase:

Humans and centaurs don't mix, but if they can grow past their loss, Dale the centaur and Bree the young woman may be each other's only chance for a new start. 

The Centaur Chase is a romantasy (romance in a fantasy world) on an adjacent continent to Spectra lands.

Releasing on kindle vellawith paperback/ebook planned for spring 2025.

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