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Nomelands, Spring of 226

Hiding kept exiled princess Keita Sage alive.

Her nature magic wasn’t enough to save her family or her home. She helps those worse off from behind the scenes, until a traitor hunts her down and a prisoner begs for assistance.

Defeating her enemies requires the unity of all six kingdoms, each with its own magical abilities. Finding representatives from some will be easy: Keita’s best friends would cross deserts for her. But to make her world safe again, she’ll have to accept the title she never wanted and the attention that comes with it.

Lectranis, Summer  of 226

Princess Keita Sage is trapped in the rival kingdom of Lectranis, which was ravaged in the same attack that tore her family apart. Only finding the true heir of Lectranis and bringing peace to the broken kingdom will allow her to return home.

One of the late king's children can claim the throne, but all seven have dispersed across the kingdom. Keita will have to rely on her companions: her little sister, who she would rather protect than depend on; her best friend, who won’t take orders from anyone; and an uncomfortably perceptive boy she was once required to marry. Gangs, lured by the bounties on any former royal, dog their journey. Restoring peace to Lectranis will require more than her unique abilities, but how can Keita give this distasteful foreign culture her whole heart?

Spritelands, Autumn of 226

After a year of exile, Keita Sage is a stranger to her home. Before her father’s death, she was confined to her family’s hidden vale: eclipsed by her brother, scavenging for an education, left behind on adventures. Now she and Zuri, her brother’s betrothed, are meeting the kingdom properly: unsheltered, unescorted. Her cousin, the usurping king, is on their trail. Uniting the six clans is the only way to defeat him but Keita struggles to unify with the people who dragged her from home. She and Zuri must work together, but one thing stands between them: when the dust settles, only one can stay.

Merlandia, Winter of 226

Exile from her beloved home kingdom throws Keita Sage into a bewildering new world. The enemy Stygians stifled her education and left her unprepared for the complicated world of titles, status, and court life. As a foreign princess with family ties to two kingdoms, Keita will be a valuable pawn unless she learns to play their games. Her betrothed Brian Pensier and best friend Scarlet Kelvin could help, but both are keeping secrets that pit them against each other. Keita hates secrets, and she cannot trust her friends, she cannot be safe from the Stygians’ combined abilities.  

The Cole Kingdom, Spring of 227

Keita Sage and her friend Carli each have a mission: to find and protect their family and bring their home. The problem? The people they seek are leading opposite sides of a heated war.

Keita's betrothed is trapped inside a foreign kingdom until his brother returns from war. She's determined to reunite her new family, but entering the chaos of the battlefield is twice as dangerous for her. Her brothers-in-law are fighting Coles, who manipulate heat, and she has both a natural weakness and a personal fear of fire. Carli can protect her, but she's searching for her long-lost sister, no matter what atrocities her sister committed to become the Cole's new queen.

Keita and Carli need each other, but only one side can win a war.

Castalia, Spring of 227

Castalia has never felt like home, but Keita Sage is supposed to be its queen—if she and her betrothed survive.

Keita and other remnants of the royal families have fought the usurping Stygians and their assassins for over a year, but the only way to be safe is to confront the Stygian leader Donovan. Poverty and war result from Donovan’s bigotry, endangering everyone on the continent. Keita needs the support from the people who should have been hers, but they’ve been taught that she and other foreigners caused the last king’s death. A secret new ally might give Keita the edge she needs, if she and her friends can cross the kingdom without being captured. Defeating Donovan will take every connection she can forge and every skill she’s learned.

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